Loptek has been designing and manufacturing tailor-made fiber optic light guide solutions and fiber optic sensors for more than 25 years. The customer-specific products are used, among other things, in power plant monitoring, medical technology and industrial process monitoring.

The added value for the customers of Loptek lies in the consistent support, starting with the development of the prototypes, to the start-up of the series production and then to the continuous optimization of the products and the manufacturing costs.

Loptek, thanks to its many years of experience, has been perfectly aligned to the needs of industrial customers who integrate the fiber optic components into their overall solutions. Product traceability, quality management and delivery reliability are part of the corporate DNA.

Loptek is part of the engionic Group.


The engionic group of companies designs, produces and delivers tailor-made OEM products and services to the processing industry.

Within the group, engionic AG fulfills the function of a strategic investment holding company. All holdings are bundled in this company. The main functions of the holding company are the active further development of the business portfolio through organic growth and the selective acquisition of further investments, as well as the identification of new technologies and products that are on the market and can be scaled to industrial standards.

engionic AG is a family business and privately owned.


FemtoFiberTec GmbH
FemtoFiberTec is the world's only commercial manufacturer of fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors based on a very complex fs laser inscription process. FemtoFiberTec's products have strong technological unique selling point over conventional fiber Bragg grating sensors, especially with regard to demanding environmental conditions, such as very high temperatures and pressures, as well as radioactive radiation.

Within the engionic Group, FemtoFiberTec supplies its sister company Loptek with FBG sensors, which are then further processed into assembled sensor solutions.

KIESSIG CNC-Zerspanung GmbH
KIESSIG CNC-Zerspanung is looking back on more than 20 years of experience. The tailor-made components are manufactured from a wide range of metal and plastic materials. KIESSIG works at an exceptionally high level of precision and quality, which is particularly appreciated by medical technology customers.

Within the engionic Group, KIESSIG also manufactures precision components for Loptek, which are installed in light guides and sensor applications.